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        Triumph offered Medical Oxygen Equipment to Wuhan for emergency assistance
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               On the eve of the Spring Festival, New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has spread to almost all provinces of China.Thousands of new cases are being diagnosed every day in Wuhan.In particular, severe patients infected with New Coronavirus will have difficulty breathing and are in urgent need of medical oxygen.

               Thus, medical oxygen is related to the life safety of many patients with coronavirus. As the epidemic continues to expand,The consumption of medical oxygen in hospitals in Wuhan area has increased dramatically, which has reached 10 times of that in normal using. The medical oxygen in major hospitals in Wuhan is in urgent need!

               After the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to prevent the infinite spread of the epidemic caused by the flow of people, the central government requires all domestic enterprises to stop production and not start work without permission.However, on February 8 (Lantern Festival), Triumph received an urgent contact letter from the major hospitals in Wuhan,they hope the Wuxi government would approve Triumph return to work in time and provide relevant medical oxygen equipment as soon as possible, so as to ease the oxygen supply tension in Wuhan, the main hospitals such as Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan Tongji Hospital and Wuhan Central Hospital.

               Wuxi Triumph as a professional company specializing in the production of gas equipment in China, it produces cryogenic liquid storage tank, ambient vaporizers and other equipment which are the  well-known brand in China. After receiving the urgent letters from the major hospitals, Chairman Mr. Yu Bin rushed to the local government to communicate and coordination immediately. With the strong support of the local government, we report to the superior government department for special approval on the same day, and the next day, we got the reply to go back to work. After returning back to work, Triumph quickly organized more than 20 front-line workers to work overtime on the premise of quality assurance. Finally, Triumph completed the batch of 17 medical oxygen equipment with a value of nearly one million, all valves and instruments required for field installation, prefabricated thousands of meters of stainless steel pipes, were loaded on the truck. Then these equipment took more than 10 hours overnight to arrive at the site of major hospitals in Wuhan.

              The emergency supply of Triumph won precious time for the major hospitals which were in short supply of oxygen in Wuhan, and also gave more patients hope of life.Triumph paid back to the society with practical actions, and made every effort to complete the emergency supply task which usually takes a week. Finally, Triumph was highly praised and affirmed by the hospital leaders!

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