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        Triumph has been awarded the national level honor of specialization, refinement, and novelty
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               "Specialization, refinement, uniqueness, and novelty" is a major project undertaken by the country to promote the professional, refined, distinctive, and innovative development of enterprises, further stimulate the vitality and development momentum of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote their transformation and upgrading. On July 30, 2021, the Politburo meeting proposed to "carry out a special action to supplement and strengthen the supply chain, accelerate the resolution of the" bottleneck "problem, and develop specialized, refined, unique, and new small and medium-sized enterprises.".

              The company obtained the Wuxi Municipal Specialized and Innovative Certificate in 2017, the Jiangsu Provincial Specialized and Innovative Certificate in 2022, and the National Specialized and Innovative Little Giant Certificate in July 2023. The acquisition of this national level certificate proves that our company's gas equipment manufacturing field has steadily ranked among the top in the industry, and has independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness.

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