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        Reciprocating high-pressure cryogenic liquid pump

        Super-flow medium-pressure cryogenic liquid pump

        Reciprocating high-pressure L-CNG liquid pump

        High Pressure,High Flowrate cryogenic Pump

        Reciprocating cryogenic liquid pump produced by the company is used for charging system For LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2. lt liquidizes the gas and fills it into High-pressure steelcylinders;super-flow cryogenic liquid pump is used for technology flow. lt gasifies the liquidgases and sends it to the metwork.lts simple design and selected manufacturing ensure long-term safety operation

        The pump is comprised of motor ,electric control cabinet,transmission wheel,transmission case and pump head.
        Driving end of the pump is to convert motor rotation into reciprocation action,and output power of the motor is transmitted to compressing end of the pump had.The conversion is completed by belt pulley,cam,connecting rod and screw joint from the motor.Shaft,,cam and bearing structure of the transmission system is oil dip type.
        Liquid end of the pump head is comprised of cylinder sleeve,cylinder body, piston assembly,
        Seal,liquid discharge valve and damper.lts main components are of stainless steel with long service life. The seal is made of seal components of several sealing performance, which ensures reliable operation without failure under normal pressuer.Main features are stated below.
        The transmission structure is connecting rod cross head structure , with long service life
        High-vacuum cold-end jacket pump head employed for high-pressure reciprocating cryogenic
        Liquid pump,with less cold loss and liquid loss
        Built-in filter,practical and reliable
        Piston ring and seal ring are made of polymer compound materials which are superior and abrasive proof,with service life more than 150 thousand times
        Convenient operation ,starting-up time no more than 5 minutes.
        Operation of the pump may not lead to pressure increase of the storage tank,however, long-term operation reduces pressure
        Low power consumption , operation with low noise .
        Simple structure for easy maintenance
        Scope of supply
        Pump head and parts Transmission case and parts
        Motor, belt and belt pulley Electric control box.
        Corrugated pipe compensator Damper(with pressure gauge)
        Particular order
        Safety valve
        High-pressure check valve
        Break valve for liquid discharge and gas backflow provided for storage tank , individual order is required
        We can design and manufacture varieties of special cryogenic liquid pump,
        Such as,super-flow and super-high pressure cryogenic liquid pump and long-term continuous
        Operation cryogenic liquid pump
        Safety warning (especially for LOX)
        Safety valve to be provided for all pipelines cutting for available valves
        ,Clean environment without oil
        Part, pipeline and valve with removal of oil and grease for oxygen media NO fire
        Service commitment
        One-year warranty for the series products
        Long-term maintenance commitment for the series products

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