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        2×15000Nm3/h LNG steam heating vaporizer of Ningbo luyuan

        1500Nm3/h LCO2 steam heating vaporizer

        Hefei Gas 60000 Nm 3/ H LNG vaporizer&U-shaped tube sheet NG heater

        50000Nm 3/ H U-shaped tube sheet LNG vaporizer

        This series carburetors heat up the water in the tunnel body by tailor-made high efficaiency.electric heating equipment,and then heat up the cryogenic liquor(LO2,LN2,LAr,LNG,LCO2,LC2H4,LPG)in the compact heat exchanger,It adopts the advanced water temperature contron systems,and the gasification volume is very stable.The temperature of the exits is normal or designed according to the requirements of the customer.The main characteristic is as follows.

        Tailor-made high efficiency electric heating equipment,general speaking,the periodlicity of replacing is more than 18 months.
        Automatic and semiautomatic double circuits’heating control box,it is safe and certifiable,can work without intermission or infallible.
        It adopts high grade special cryogenic stainless steel heat exchanger,was designed compactly and will abide rough use.
        The surface is painted by the imported paint,and can keep high quality more permanently.
        It uses the LG hot water special cirxulating pump.The water temperature is statuesque and no bedding phenomena.
        You will have quieter working environment without noise and shake.
        It is produced by the standards of oxygen and food .
        The parts are very complete,every7 carburetor contains:the main body ,electric heating equipment ,control box ,liquid level meter ,thermometer,inlet valve ,blow down valve and so on.

        Optional configurations for customers
        For the materials of rhe tunnel body ,you can choose carbon steel or stainless steel
        The acousto-optic alarm of the temperature of the exits.
        Emergency cutting off equipment
        The whole equipment is pickong designed
        We can design and produce according to the standard of electronic grade
        It can use Siemens electrical apparatus
        It can adopts explosion prevention electric cabinet and explosion prevention electric heating equipment

        Suitable medium:LO2,LN2,LAr,LNG,LCO2,LC2H4,LNH3,LPG etc
        Work pressure:0.8-40MPa
        Flux of unit set:50-1000Nm3/h

        Remark:if large flux,we can use the combination units.

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