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        22X7500Nm3/h Vaporizers for Taiwan Linde Lienhwa TSMC project

        9*15000Nm3/h vaporizers for Jinan Energy Group

        Liquefied air 18x7500Nm3/h air heated vaporizer site

        Air chemical 12x9000Nm3/h air heated vaporizer site

        The jobsite of Xuzhou town gas of 12×16000Nm3/h split LNG vaporizer scene

        Provided to CNOOC Chaozhou 16×9500Nm3/h split vaporizer scene

        This serial vaporizer utilizes air natural convection to heat the cryogenic liquid (LO2、LN2、LAr、LNG、LCO2、LC2H4、LPG、LH2、LHe)etc. in the heat exchange tubes ,making them totally evaporate into gases, it is a kind of high efficient energy-saving heat transmission equipment .its major advantage lies in:
        No power consuming,no pollution ,green and environmental protective
        Easy installing,convenient maintaining
        Expertise aluminum material for heat exchanging ,high weight design,and endurable.
        Using special aluminum material heat exchanging pipe with diameter ¢200 and can melt the frost very quickly ,the using of effective structure of intenal wing has made the heat exchanging pipe more effective .
        The bridge style connecting component sees pretty ,and also can eliminate the stress that has been generated because of the expanding by heating and the shrinking by colding.
        Special process of the anti-oxidation method on the surface of heat exchanging pipe
        Optimization of flow design has minimized pressure drop ,and eliminated the deflection
        Phenomenon,and complex technique of high-pressing pipe makes the under pressing pipe has a sufficient contact with the heat exchanging pipe .and ensures the efficiency of heat exchanging.
        All the vaporizer’s manufacturing and cleaning are according to the standard of oxygen service,which is much safer for usage.
        The vaporizers can be designed and manufactured due to electronic standard.
        Desgin specifications : ambient temperature :-10%, relative humidity 70%,continuous operation for 8-12 hours.

        Remark:elements to influence the vaporization volume:cycle of working,ambient temperature,humidity,height above the sea level ,wind power,illuninnation ,the using press,nearby buildings,etc.
        Suitable medium:LO2、LN2、LAr、LNG、LCO2、LC2H4、LPG、LH2、LHe 
        Wort pressure:0.8-150.0MPa
        Flux of unit set:50-12000Nm3/h
        Remark:If large flux,we can use the combination units.

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