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        CNOOC 2x200m3 storage tank, gasification and decompression skid

        Jobsite of Shenyang Gas atmospherically LNG vaporizer

        Jobsite of Guangzhou Gas atmospherically LNG vaporizer

        Jobsite of Chaozhou Town Gas atmospherically LNG vaporizer

        Jobsite of Pakistan atmospherically LC2H4 vaporizer

        Changshu Natural Gas LNG Project Site

        Jobsite of Dalian China Resources Gas atmospherically LNG vaporizer

        MESSER 5x8000Nm3/h air temperature vaporizer


        Liquefied Air Wuxi Huahong Project Site

        Jobsite of Praxair air-heated vaporizer

        Jobsite of fueled wuhu atmospherically LNG vaporizer

        Jobsite of lanzhou petorchina kunlun lng pressurization gasification device


        Site of Air Chemical Saudi Jizan Project

        Jobsite of Air Products atmospherically vaporizer

        Jobsite of Air Liquide air-heated vaporizer

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